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Thursdays 5 PM – Until Dark | Historic Downtown Park | 200 South Main Street

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Promenade (prom-uh-nahd) A public place for strolling. Pleasant Grove Promenade: A place to experience some of the joys in life and kindle a sense of community.


The Pleasant Grove Promenade is a place where families and friends can stroll through the historic downtown park and enjoy fresh produce, unique gifts, and distinctive food – while also experiencing live entertainment and children’s activities.

farmers-marketExperience Fresh: Locally grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, and plants — sold by the farmers that produce them. While you’re purchasing your fresh vegetables and fruits enjoy a tasty pastry from local bakeries or enjoy a meal created by local chefs.Want to sell your product? Click HERE to apply. botiqueExperience Unique: Specializing in creative, original gifts, art, accessories, and clothing. Also distinctive foods from “Utah’s Own” food companies and other personal items of a unique nature.Want to sell your product? Click HERE to apply.
musicExperience Fun: Enjoy an eclectic mix of live, local musicians. Nearly everyone enjoys music and its power to lift the spirit. Come let our entertainment be a part of your day.Want to perform? Click HERE to apply. kids-cornerExperience Growth: The Lions Club of Pleasant Grove is sponsoring a free area in the park that provides activities which are educational and stimulating for kids and fun for all involved. Want to participate? Come to the Promenade!

Enjoy the summer evenings with your family and friends by experiencing a serene, hassle-free entertainment and shopping event. This summer, tell your friends to meet you at the Pleasant Grove Promenade with, “I’ll be at Second & Main!”


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